The producer requires Ozempic to control cross-border gross sales to forestall shortages

A pharmacist presentations packing containers of Ozempic, an injectable semaglutide drug used to regard sort 2 diabetes, at Rock Canyon Pharmacy in Provo, Utah, on Would possibly 29.George Frey/Reuters The Canadian provider of Ozempic, the diabetes drug that has been circulated for weight reduction, is looking for nationwide law of cross-border gross sales to keep … Read more

Nova Scotia suspends a health care provider’s license after sending 17,000 Ozempic prescriptions, maximum of them to the USA

Packing containers of Ozempic, Mounjaro, semaglutide, and tirzepatide injection medicines used to regard kind 2 diabetes.George Loose The Nova Scotia School of Physicians has suspended the license of a health care provider who allegedly signed greater than 17,000 prescriptions in 3 months for a broadly used off-label diabetes drug for weight reduction. The prescriptions, crammed … Read more